Best Louisiana Etsy Shops

Etsy shops blow me away! I can spend all my time browsing different shops from all over the world.

It’s so fascinating that makers of all kinds have gathered on this platform to share their talent with us. With the click of a button, we have access to makers of all kind.

Today, I am focusing on Louisiana creators and thinkers. I have compiled a list of my favorite Louisiana based Etsy shops where you can browse each of these amazing creator’s shops and view/purchase their products and merchandise.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed by these incredible Southern folks!

Southern Knots Macrame

This Houma girl is so insanely talented! I am a huge fan of Briana and her work.

I had the privilege of meeting this girl in November and watching her in action. Safe to say each piece she creates is made with love and crafted by a unique passion. Check her out, y’all!

Amber LeBlanc Studio

My sorority sister, Amber, is an incredibly talented artist. Guys this girl can create! Her work takes my breath away.

She is a graphic designer, artists and web designer. Her talent for design is extraordinary. The unique items in her Etsy shop are breathtaking and I kinda want one of everything! Check her out above!

Zydeco and Jazz

Ashley, the mastermind behind Zydeco and Jazz, has an eye for executing vibrant colors, interesting textiles and patterns and transforming the modern day handbag and clutch into a conversation piece.

I’m such a fan of her work that goes beyond a handbag. Ashley carries earrings, handbags, clutches, wristlets, and key chains. Check her out guys!

Home Malone NOLA

I have followed Home Malone NOLA on Instagram for quite some time. I love Louisiana and these Louisiana themed door hangers are pretty amazing!

Although this artist’s talent does not stop there. From wall art to “paint your own door hanger” kits, this Etsy shop is one to give a look at!

Ellen McCord Art

I love art/artist and have a true appreciation for Ellen McCord’s work. Can you believe she makes her own paper/canvas which she paints on?

If you have ever seen her work in person, you know the textile is extraordinary. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop if you are in the neighborhood for some Louisiana inspired artwork!

SoLA Deli

SOLA Deli is a little different for the typical Etsy shop. Based out of New Orleans, this shop caters to organic spices and dressings.

I love cooking, especially when I find a new spice or dressing to cook with. Check out this Etsy shop if you are wanting to add new, organic products to your pantry!

LineAve Calligraphy 

I am obsessed with all things watercolor, calligraphy and stationary.  I came across LineAve calligraphy and fell in love with their style and design esthetic. Of course I am a huge supporter and promoter of all things Louisiana, but I love the “preppy meets traditional” style of their puppy portraits, stationary, and watercolor home images.

What I love most about this etsy shop is that it is a way to capture some of the most wonderful events, people and pets in our lives. Give their etsy shop a look!

Happy Bear Designs 

Happy Bear Designs is the most adorable Etsy shop creating hand illustrations for families, guys, girls and pets! This Etsy shop is crafted to perfection and I am in love with this new trend of capturing families.

The images are so sleek and the color palette is soft, which is what I love most. This New Orleans’ artist is putting a unique twist on illustrations. This is definitely an amazing gift idea for any occasion. Be sure to check out this shop!

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