Casey Langteau Johnson- New Orleans Artist

I have been a fan of Casey’s work for quite some time. I began following her instagram page a while back and her choice of subtle, fresh colors quickly captured my interest. Her calming palette is soft and captivating. What I love most is that her work captures much of the gulf coast.

I had the privilege of meeting this sweet girl for the first time today. Casey is incredibly talented and her passion for painting is obvious through each unique piece she creates. Being a Louisiana blogger, my love for the gulf coast is undeniable and Casey has managed to capture and create these moments for all of her clients to enjoy for a lifetime.

Casey was born and raised in New Orleans and has always been drawn to art. At the age of seven, she began her artistic exploration and was accepted into a gifted art program where she continued her education throughout her young life. Casey gets her knack for creating from the women in her family. Her grandmother was an artist and her mother is a photographer.
Casey says, “My background in photography has helped me hand-in-hand with design principles and how to create something aesthetically pleasing. It’s great that I can use my other passion, photography, to capture my work for clients and social media.
Casey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Drawing from Louisiana State University.
Casey says, “When it was time to pick a major, it was an obvious choice.”
Since then, Casey moved back to New Orleans, where she is constantly inspired by the beautiful creations of the Gulf Coast.

Casey just recently released her newest collection, “Dock of the Bay,” which is simply breathtaking.

Casey says, “My favorite body of work is the twenty five-piece collection,  “Dock of the Bay”. I really enjoy working with clients to create custom paintings, but it was so much fun to let my creativity take the front seat. For a month, I created what I felt like that day, and it was so freeing! I hope to paint an even larger collection for this September!”

I had the pleasure of capturing images of some of the pieces in this collection and I can’t even choose a favorite because each are so unique and capture the beauty of Louisiana perfectly.

Casey says, “It is hard to have a creativity block while living in such a beautifully unique place [Louisiana].  My pup and I take frequent walks to Nola’s City Park, where I can constantly find a new design… If only I had the time to paint them ALL!”

I have ALWAYS loved oyster paintings. It just so happened that Casey has been working diligently on painting oysters for clients. She took me into her work room where she shared a few progression pieces with me.

I have always loved oyster paintings, particularly hers, so it was ironic that she was working on this.

It’s hard to believe that something so beautiful begins with a blank canvas. It’s safe to say that the minute Casey picks up a brush, her inspiration and creativity comes to life.

Don’t these oysters look good enough to eat!? Hands off! These are for eyes only!

Casey says, “I work with a calming palette to create fresh, abstracted paintings inspired by nature. I play with the balance of detailed brush strokes and thick texture throughout my work.”

Casey Says, “My paintings have been known to have multiple blue tones throughout. I find that using this color scheme accomplishes the calming, happy aesthetic I want the viewer to indulge in.”

This WIP is truly something to see in person. I’m sure you can see how the blue tones play a major role in her artwork. As you see the progression of the oysters, blue plays a major role in this particular piece. Viewing this up close, the texture of this painting is identical to the rippled edge of an oyster shell. I was taken back by how breathtaking this piece is.

Casey’s talent is undeniable. After talking with her, I am confident in saying that this sweet girl is truly passionate about what she does. Each piece she creates is well thought out and created from her love and passion for Louisiana, which is something you can feel when looking at her work.

I believe this is the reason that each of her pieces truly take my breath away.

Casey says, “My favorite part of the painting process is seeing the finished artwork hanging in a collector’s home. Seeing their ecstatic reaction to the piece we have planned for months cannot be beat. Knowing that the piece will hang in their home for many years and make them smile every time they pass it makes my passion even more fulfilling.

Living in New Orleans her whole life, Casey has constantly been inspired by its culture and design. Casey expressed to me today that her future plans for her business is to own a New Orleans gallery and have her artwork help the New Orleans community in whichever way possible. Casey would love to give back to the city that has given her so much inspiration and happiness.

She says, “It’s impossible to walk down a street in the Garden District and not stop to admire the southern charm of a grandiose craftsman style home with a perfectly arched oak tree aside of it. Or, walk through the french quarter without dancing and joining in on the joyous time had by all around. Nola is all about the celebration of life. As a city, we indulge in the world’s beauty and the potential of a good time. Just like New Orleans, I want my work to bring out a joyous appreciation for life in all viewers.”

It was such an incredible pleasure and honor to work with Casey Langteau Johnson. She is a doll. If you are in the neighborhood for some Louisiana Art, Casey is your girl. Each piece will take your breath away (which makes it extra fun choosing). Her work is sincerely incredible and I’m excited to have her a part of the blog.

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