I Will Always Be A Daddy’s Girl

I really don’t have enough words to say how wonderful my Dad is. He is the only man in this whole world who has never let me down, disappointed me and loved me with his whole and entire heart.

Through his actions, I am reminded that there are GOOD men in this world. Men have been getting a bad wrap lately. I’m here to remind you all that GOOD MEN DO EXIST and my Dad is one of them.

If I found a man half as decent as my father, I would be lucky, but the truth is- there’s no one quite like MY Dad and never will be.

I can remember those afternoons coming home from grade school anxiously waiting for him to walk in through the back door. The minute I would hear the door knob jiggle, I’d dash to the back door and bombard him with the biggest hug (even though he was often stinky and sweaty-sorry dad but it’s the truth:)

My dad has always been an incredibly hard worker. He is the most generous person I have ever met. I can’t tell you the amount of times this man has given to help others in need. The amount of times he has told me, “Jess, we are put on this Earth to give and give until we can’t give any more.” Whether it be time or money, I’ve watched my Dad, time and time again, lend a helping hand to those in need.

One thing about my Dad that is unique is that he is truly the happiest guy on Earth. His blinders are constantly up blocking out negativity. Don’t we all wish we could live this way? He lives life on the bright side and sees the good in everyone and everything.

I pray every day to be more like him.He has taught me how a husband and father should be.

He has sacrificed weekend hunting and golf trips to spend time with me. He has sat through countless dance recitals, dance competitions and cheer competitions to show his love and support for me. For many of you who know him or have seen him in action- he is clearly my biggest fan!

He has sacrificed his happiness for mine time and time again and i continue to ask myself what I did to deserve this?

All these years he may not have realized I was paying attention each time he received a phone call turning down fun “guy time” for me. He may not realize all these years how significant his presence has impacted my life. He may not realize just how far he set the bar. Truth is, no one will ever be quite like my Dad.

Reflecting on my childhood, I can say we have laughed our way through much heartache and our household was always a happy and fun place because of my father. Countless times we have traded in tears for laughter and bandaged broken hearts with a simple hug.

About 5 and a half years ago, I realized just how special my Dad was. I remember the day we sat in the waiting room while my mom was getting examined the day after my mom found her lump. My dad’s fun-loving demeaner was replaced with heartbreak. I had never seen him like this, ever.

His heartache was more obvious than the countless freckles on his face. I remember turning to him and saying, “Dad…what are we going to do if this is cancer? He laid his head in his hands and wept. For once, my optimistic, fun-loving Dad was at a loss for words.

This was the moment I saw my father through a new lens. We often see our parents, especially fathers, as a pillar of strength. For once, the phrase, “Call dad! He knows what to do” did not apply to me. To see my Dad at his most vulnerable shows me how genuinely he loves my mom and how lost he would be without her.

Through every word and action he shows my mom and I how much he loves his girls. What he does not realize is how much this makes us love him even more.

Dad, you’re one in a million. Your love for life is contagious and your compassion for others is to be admired. You will never, never know just how much I love you.

All my love, always.


Circa 1998 (Dad has more hair, less candles on his cake and I, well I’m still cute, right)😜

2 thoughts on “I Will Always Be A Daddy’s Girl

  1. Precious, just precious. Jess, I just love your heart. You are one of those kids who gets it. Honoring your parents, open and freely, without restriction. They aren’t perfect, none of us are, but you see your parents with no blemish, like God sees us.

    1. You are so sweet Donna! Trust me when I say we have our ups and downs. I’m just grateful that I got a second chance to right my wrongs and truly appreciate them!

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