Hulu By Holly- Live Colorfully

This talented and local artist, Holly Bourqeois, enjoys spending her free time capturing special moments for her clients. With a little color, water and the stroke of a brush, Holly manages to bring these moments to life.

Back in 2015, Holly began painting with watercolor during her freshman year of college.

Holly says,

“I’ve previously taken art classes in elementary and high school, so I’ve always had a talent in art, but was never keen on watercolor.  Then one day, I was inspired by a watercolor scene of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, so I posted my attempt on social media; from there I continued to practice my watercolor skill and the rest is history!”

I came across Holly’s Instagram account, Hulu by Holly, about two years ago when she first created her account. I have always been fascinated by watercolor artists so I was quickly drawn to her work.

When I asked Holly how she came up with her unique artist’s name, Hulu By Holly, she says,

“I was trying to search for a unique slogan or business name that caught the attention or curiosity of others to ask what I do, what my name means, etc.  I liked the idea of matching an H of my first name to another ‘H.”  I discovered Hulu.  It is actually derived from an ancient Chinese proverb which means “the holder of precious things.”  I figured this was appropriate since I hold a God-given gift to be able to paint something special for my own enjoyment or for others.”

After following Holly’s account, I began to notice her area of expertise focused on painting items that are representative of the South. Some of these include homes, families, religious memorabilia, Louisiana landmarks, various southern scenes and animals.

Holly says,

“I’ve always loved animals since I could remember; I had plans to become a veterinarian, but discovered I will just stick to loving them and not deal with the biology side of thing. Once I posted my animal portraits, I received my first request to paint a Yorkshire terrier but the client requested to make it fun; so I added a crown to represent their princess!”

Last August, my grandmother, many of you may know her as GeGe, lost our dog, Sophia. Sophia was she and I’s dog that we shared. I couldn’t ever have animals because I was terribly allergic, so she generously offered to keep Soph at her house.

She was THE best dog in the whole world!

In August of 2017, we lost our sweet Sophia to heart failure. We had to make the tough decision to put her down due to an incurable illness. This was absolutely THE hardest thing we have ever had to do.

Turning to the bright side, the next day I called Holly and asked her to paint a watercolor picture for my GeGe to keep in her house.

We took a ton of pictures with Sophia before we put her down, this one was my favorite because they we’re looking at one another.

My GeGe cherishes this picture so much and we are SO GRATEFUL Holly captured this beautiful moment for us to remember our sweet Soph, always.

Holly managed to turn her hobby into a side business along with being a full-time college student. I love being able to support a fellow Colonel in their business endeavor, especially when they are extra talented.

Holly says,

“I enjoy painting in my free time and plan to continue this business as long as I have demand.  I will keep posting any work I complete on my own and those for others.  I graduate this May with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and plan to begin working towards earning a MBA degree this summer.”

If you are in the neighborhood for watercolor art, Holly is your girl! I was more than satisfied with how quickly she completed my painting and an additional Hello GorJess ceramic mug. Her work is absolutely a conversation piece.

Here are Holly’s prices for artwork:

Original Pieces: from $35.00 and up

Prints: Canvases/Mugs/etc: Prices vary, contact for more information!

**Pieces are completed on watercolor paper and look best framed!!**

Canvas work per special request: from $50.00 and up

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Stay GorJess💋✌🏼

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