I’m Human And I’m A Sinner

I’m a sinner. I sin all the time, often without intention, but a sin is a sin and I want to make it to heaven!

I am work in progress. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me.

In the last year I have made so many mistakes, hurt people, participated in idol gossip, grown angry over juvenile situations, fixated on material things, and judged others.

I’m human and I’m a sinner.

I have big plans for this time in my life and I believe self-reflection is the best place to start.

I can’t learn from my mistakes if I do not take the time to acknowledge what they are.

Many times when I self- reflect, I forget to acknowledge my strengths. I think this is an important step in the reflection process.

Why? Because we forget that our strengths often outweigh our weaknesses. We have the capability to fill in the cracks by using the strengths we already possess.

A Few Questions I Ask Myself During Self-Reflection:

  • How can I improve my spiritual life?
  • How is my relationship with God?
  • Do I only turn to God when I need him?
  • Do I remember to thank God for my blessings each day?
  • How can I improve my relationship with others?
  • What changes does God want me to make in my life?
  • Am I truly listening to God’s calling?
  • Am I trusting God’s timing and relinquishing my worry to God?

These are just a few of the things I have been asking myself.

I plan on starting out this Lenten season by going to confession. I won’t lie. I do not go to confession often. 2-3 times a year is my usual.

I have been told by many people that they are afraid to go to confession because they are afraid they will be judged.

I understand. Priests are humans too, but a way I overcome this is by reminding myself that I am not talking to the priest. I’m confessing my sins to God who is using his divine mercy through a priest to forgive me for my sins.

If you have a fear, keep this in mind.

A Few Things To Do During The Lenten Season:

– Rosary before bedtime

– Attend week day mass

– Read my daily devotional

– Attend the walking way of the cross

– Watch the Passion

When I am deep in thought, I often catch myself wondering how someone, the one (God) made THE ultimate sacrifice for all of us. If I think about this long enough, it makes me wonder how I ever let “real world problems” affect me.

Jesus died for me. He died for us.

How can I let the words of people hurt me or the actions of others affect me? Why do I fixate on material things when I can’t take them with me to heaven? Why do I stress and worry when God has my plan in place?

What am I taking with me to heaven? My soul…and want it cleansed for when God decides he is ready for me.

I’m wishing you all a blessed Lent. I am praying that each of you hear and feel God’s calling.

Prayer for Lenten Transformation:

Loving Father,

I invite you into my life today
and make myself available to you.
Help me to become the-best-version-of-myself
by seeking your will and becoming a living example of your love in the world.
Open my heart to the areas of my life that need to change in order for me to carry out the mission and experience the joy you have imagined for my life. Inspire me to live the Catholic faith in ways that are dynamic and engaging. Show me how to best get involved in the life of my parish. Make our community hungry for best practices and continuous learning. Give me courage when I am afraid,
hope when I am discouraged, and clarity in times of decision. Teach me to enjoy uncertainty and lead your Church
to become all you imagined it would be
for the people of our times.


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