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For the past year and a half, I have been TRULY struggling with my skin. Considering I have NEVER had ache (much less pimples) at age 25 I thought I was WELL past the repercussions of “teenage skin.”

I was visiting at my friend Brittany’s house one day and we got on the topic of skin care. I began telling her all about my skin trouble when she introduced me to Beautycounter, a product she recently invested in for she and her family.

Brittany says,

” I was first attracted to Beautycounter for their sunscreen products. As I was planning my family’s vacation to Florida, I needed to purchase sunscreen, but wanted to choose a safe option since I would be applying it on my children daily from head to toe. I dreaded the thought of slathering products with potentially harmful ingredients all over their little bodies. I came across Beautycounter’s line of sunscreen products, ordered them and LOVED them! I then began exploring Beautycounter’s many other options for safer products and started swapping out our shampoos, body washes, hand soap, lotions and even my makeup for their safer alternatives. I was amazed at how well they worked and since they are formulated with essential oils, they smelled AMAZING as well!”

She began telling me all of the wonderful results she had was seeing for her skin and the positive impact it was having on her family. This made me eager to try and hopeful that I would see results for my awful complexion.

Brittany gave me samples of the nourishing essentials collection to try for myself to see if I liked the products before purchasing. What I loved most were the full-sized samples Beautycounter provides to all those interested. I was quickly able to see that I needed very little product for each application, which reassured me that less is more.

Brittany says,

“The Nourishing Essentials Collection is a wonderful line for those with normal to normal/dry skin type. It includes a cream cleanser, cream exfoliator, rosewater mist, eye cream, day cream and night cream. The nourishing cream cleanser contains witch hazel to tone skin and does not use sulfate-based ingredients that can cause dryness or irritations. This is a great line for young women to use because it covers all the basics to cleanse, prep and protect your skin! This line of products is made with organic coconut oil that provides rich hydration and long-term skin protection, to give you radiant looking skin. I think this line is perfect for adults of all ages! And it is a great line for teens or even pre-teens to use to help wash away makeup and other impurities.”

When I got home from our visit, I quickly went apply the exfoliator to my face. My first reaction when I applied it was, “HOLY COW! BRITTANY WAS RIGHT!” As I thoroughly exfoliated my face, I felt an immediate burst of hydration and quickly felt my dry, scaly skin being wiped away. I knew in my heart that this was my answered prayer and the beginning of my new skin care regimen.

Nourishing Cream Exfoliator:This exfoliator is a part of the essential nourishing collection. This product ranges for women of all ages. This is the line Brittany recommomended I invest in because I am young and I do not have to worry about repairing wrinkles (yet-thank goodness). My skin is dry and patchy so I tend to use the exfoliator three to four times a week. Over exfoliating can be harmful to the skin, so I try to stick to this regimen. The consistency is textured because of the small micro-beads used to exfoliate. I LOVE the way my skin feels after using this product. After I exfoliate, my skin is SUPER soft and easily absorbs the moisturizer right away- giving my skin a beautiful glow.

Nourishing Cream Cleanser:

I use the cream cleanser daily. I am in LOVE with this cleanser. It’s so smooth and the rich consistency requires a very small amount for each application. I typically use a dime size for each application and this small amount makes a BIG impact. After applying to my face, my skin looks and feels hydrated. My best advice is remaining consistent with each application. 

Nourishing Day Cream:

This moisturizing day cream is nothing like I have ever used before. I have tried MANY moisturizers over the years only to end up disappointed and unsatisfied with the results. This day cream is the real deal.

When I apply this to my skin, I instantly feel it entering my pores. The first time I used this moisturizer I remember thinking, YES! FINALLY! THIS IS WHAT MOISTURIZING SHOULD FEEL LIKE! I no longer feel rough patches throughout the day (particularly on my nose and cheeks). I’m convinced it’s because this moisturizer is actually working- unlike many off the shelf products I have tried before.

No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil:

The no. 1 brightening oil is my MOST favorite Beautycounter product and guess what? It’s OIL! Yes! I put oil on my face ever time I moisturize! Isn’t this genius? Here’s what I do. I put one drop of the oil into my moisturizer, mix both the oil and the moisturizer on my index finger and spread it on my face. When you purchase or try this, you will understand why this is my favorite and a must have product. It is an extra boost of moisture and exactly what my skin needs (morning and night). Slowly over the last two weeks, I am noticing that my skin is producing oil on its own (which it has NEVER done before). Can you believe this because I surely can’t! I no longer have to use the oil twice a day and have resorted to using it only at night.

Charcoal Bar:

I always wanted to add activated charcoal to my skin care regimen, but I didn’t know which product to go with. When Brittany sent me the Beautycounter charcoal bar, I was very eager to try it. I catch myself using this at night- a few days throughout the week. After I use it, my skin feels clear of impurities and my face feels extra firm. I have had this product for over two months and haven’t even put a dent in it. I highly recommend this product to those of you looking to get rid of black heads. Mine are disappearing before my eyes!

Let me make it known that I have never been so excited to wash my face every day until I started using Beautycounter! I rarely wear makeup. Ideally, my goal in life is for my skin to be clear and glowing so I can walk around bare-faced with confidence- ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! With the use of Beautycounter, this has become possible for me in very little time.

If you are struggling with your skin or looking to use products that shows results, are safe and clean – Beautycounter is something you should try. Brittany is knowledgeable, passionate about skincare and is willing to answer all of your questions because she follows the mission of Beautycounter, which is to get safer products into the hands of everyone! This includes each and every one of you reading!

Brittany says,

“Skin care is such an important part of our daily routines, and I do not think we should have to sacrifice our health by using products that knowingly or potentially could cause us harm. Beauty Counter is doing its part to rigorously screen, responsibly source, and ensure the transparency of all ingredients so we don’t have to worry about what we are putting on our bodies.”

Click on the link HERE and head on over to Brittany’s online shop. Here you will find all of the products Beautycounter carries. Also, provided is the link to join Brittany’s closed Facebook group (link HERE) where she provides valuable information regarding product information, discounts, giveaways and all things regarding Beautycounter.

Have any questions or interested in investing in the best and safest skincare line for you and your family? Click on the “contact me” envelope shown on the image below. Brittany would be happy to get you and your family on track to safe skincare!

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Special thank you to one of my most favorite people, Brittany Bilello, for collaborating with me on this post and most importantly- helping me regain control of my skin! With her guidance, I am gaining confidence in my complexion and braving to go bare faced more often than not! Beautycounter is my answered prayer.

As always, Stay Gorjess💋✌🏼

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
–Maya Angelou

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