Two Sons Natural Living- Product Review

I love anything natural and most importantly, anything that can improve my way of living. When I found Brittany’s natural living products via Facebook, I was interested in learning more about them.

After reaching out to Brittany, she shared her story with me. This is how Two Son’s began. Brittany says,

“My interest in natural products started when I became pregnant with my first child, almost five years ago. I have tried just about every brand of natural cleaning, beauty, and skin care products there is. Through the years there are several products that I fell in love with, but there are many more that made me think, there must be a way to make a better, more effective product that is still safe. So, I began making products for my family. Toward the end of last year, with some encouragement from my family and friends, I decided to start sharing my products with others. I have been a stay at home mom to my boys, Reese (4) and Hank (1.5) – who also happen to be the inspiration behind my name – for just over three years now. I liked the idea of turning my hobby into a home-based business, so I can make my products while still caring for them. They love to help me, and one of Hank’s first words was soap.”

The first product I tried, was the foaming hand soap. The scent of this hand soap is heavenly, but not overwhelming. I melt for any “fresh citrus” scent, so this orange and ginger scented hand soap is right up my alley! With flu season at it’s peak, I catch myself washing my hands all. day. long. When I wash my hands with store bought hand soap, my skin will often get dry, flaky and raw. Has this ever happened to any of you? I’m happy to say that after using Two Sons’ foaming hand soap over the last month, my hands feel moisturized and hydrated. Buh-bye dry, flaky hands!

Brittany says,

“My hands were constantly dry and irritated from harsh hand soaps. That’s when I began making my hand soap. I worked to create a soap that would not only get your hands clean, but also keep them moisturized using only all natural and completely safe ingredients.”

Although I have my own personal skin care regimen, I HAD to try Two Sons’ pumpkin honey facial cleanser.The first time I tried this was after I came home from the gym after an hour-long work out.

This product truly feels organic and natural. The fragrance isn’t overpowering and it still leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated.  It is the perfect cleanser for me to use mid- day when my skin is feeling the effects of a high intensity workout. This natural product is a great to add to your daily facial regimen.

BATH. BOMBS. ARE. LIFE. I was so excited when I received my shipment of Two Sons’ Natural Living products and noticed a bath bomb included in the package.

Soothe, the first word that comes to mind when I think of all things “relaxing.” At the end of the day, I most look forward to relaxing in the tub. A bath bomb always comes in clutch a the end of a long day.

I have tried dozens of bath bombs over time and I can say this one was everything it stated, which was soothing. With certain mass produced bath bombs, I personally find that my skin is left with a film. I was happy to see that after using this product, my skin felt hydrated and I got out of the tub feeling fresh and clean.

And how cute is the label on all of these products? Brittany created this logo herself. She has an MBA from LSU so she is enjoying combining her passion for natural living with her career.

What do I carry in my purse? All the essentials including- Two Sons’ healing balm. Just as the label states, “intense moisture for chapped, dry or cracked skin.” This product delivers!

Winter is the WORST for dry skin and my skin tends to be dry year round. I have been doing everything in my power to keep my skin hydrated. As many of you know, I have psoriasis (in between my fingers, ouch) and I have to pay extra attention to what I put on my hands. This healing bomb has been a real lifesaver over the past month.

I am able to put this on my hands knowing that there are no harmful ingredients which can make my psoriasis “flare up.”

When speaking to Brittany about her inspiration for Two Son’s she states,

“Ultimately, my family has been my inspiration to live a more natural life. I wanted to create a home for my kids that is free from toxins and harmful chemicals and additives that are found in many of the most common commercial brands of household products. I do my best to ensure that we, as a family, are making smart, natural and clean choices in everything we put in or on our bodies and use around our home.”


Brittany’s products are unique in the amount of research and time she puts into making them. She researches the safety and effectiveness of all ingredients she uses in her products, aiding to the great quality. She only uses premium ingredients and all recipes have been through countless trials to make sure it is a great quality product. All of the products are made in small batches, by Brittany herself, to ensure consistency and accuracy. Her family members “review” her products and have given her feedback before a product is put for sale. She wants to be sure the product is the best it can be before selling.

“My main goal in starting this business is to share my passion for natural products with others. When it comes to natural products, I’ve found that people are either unaware of the harmful ingredients in the products they use, or they think the natural alternatives are not as effective. My hope is to show people that you can make safer choices for the products you use without sacrificing effectiveness. The reason I spend so much time creating my products is to make natural, safe products that are just as effective or better than what is currently on the market. Right now, I’m really just having fun with it!”

Be sure to follow Brittany on social media to stay updated on the latest products. Head on over to Etsy shop HERE and go add all of these products to your cart and purchase! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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