Rustic Coastal Living Room Restyle

SEAUX excited to share my living room restyle with all of you! This has been a work in progress for quite some time and I’m so happy it is FINALLY complete!

I’m always on the go and I often feel like I live on the road. Being at home is absolutely where I am most content. Home is where I wind down, relax, and gather my thoughts. To me, home is everything. It’s my happy place.

It’s always fun to redo a room for myself. This project started with inspiration from my Louisiana map I aged two and a half years ago. It’s been hanging above my sofa all this time and I am absolutely in love with it! I love maps and Louisiana so this wall deco absolutely suits me. This map also serves as a small pop of color in my very neutral living area.

Sharing a link for you to purchase a Louisiana map similar to mine, HERE

This gold tripod lamp is my newest addition of light to my living room. I’ve been having my eye on this lamp from Target and I finally bought it when I decided to ditch some furniture and simplify things. This absolutely suits my style. It’s clean, classic and I can see this staying in my home forever because I love it THAT much.

Link to lamp HERE

Moving on! I redid these chairs two and half years ago (you should have seen them before). I LOVE redoing furniture, but I rarely have the time to do it anymore. I recovered the chairs with the help of my parents and I love how classic, clean and neutral it is.

Next, my favorite piece is my mantle my Dad built for me. I melt each time I look at it. This is extra special because we built it together (in the frigid cold). Most importantly I was able to make memories with him.

Together we came up with the design and he brought it to life perfectly. I knew I wanted wide space at the bottom to put baskets. I’d say my style is traditional with a modern twist. I think timeless furniture is the best investment. I’m most excited to style my mantle for holidays.

This beauty has given my brick wall a whole new look and I am just IN LOVE with it.

Next, my Dad built me this blanket ladder that I HAD to have. I found one on Etsy that was ridiculously priced, so again, my Dad came in clutch and built me one that is EVEN BETTER than the original one I wanted. I am loving this trendy “dipped” look! My most favorite thing to do is style and I think this blanket ladder is a fun way to do so!

Link to a similar blanket ladder HERE

My dining room got a face lift too with a new floral box arrangement. Since nearly everything is neutral in here, I added a pop of green to my floral box centerpiece. All the flowers came from Hobby Lobby at 50% off so this arrangement cost me $18 (winning- because it can stay here year round)!

Safe to say, I’m obsessed with it all. I feel relieved of cluttered bulky furniture and I’m enjoying the soft simplicity of my new rustic coastal pad:)

Hope you guys like it! Be sure to leave a comment on the blog! I love hearing from you guys!💋✌🏼

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