The Moment I Realized My Mom Was My Best Friend

If you would have asked me growing up if my mom was my best friend, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. I was raised traditionally with a mom who was my parent and never crossed the line into the “friend zone.” I thank her every day for her strength to establish this respect.

My mom wasn’t afraid to show me tough love and often told me no when she felt best. Growing up, especially the teenage years (bless her heart), were absolutely the toughest. I didn’t understand why my friends were often allowed to do things I wasn’t and I often questioned her authority because let’s face it, that’s what most teenagers do!

Safe to say I was suffering from classic teenage syndrome! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Any of you parents out there can relate? Don’t worry! This story turns much brighter and yours will too…stay tuned.

At the whopping age of 19, my reality hit and my future with my mom was tested. The thought of losing her nearly killed me and truly brought me in to adulthood much quicker than I anticipated.

What in the ACTUAL world would I do without her? Who would I call when I needed advice? When I came home from college, who would I vent to? Who would be there to tell me everything would be okay when I thought it wasn’t? Most importantly, who would be my mom?

It shouldn’t have came to this. It shouldn’t have taken something so drastic to make me realize just how IMPORTANT my mom is to me. It shouldn’t have taken this to realize this woman I idolize and hold the utmost respect for had become my best friend.

My mom will always be mom. She will always find a lesson in every experience and take every opportunity to teach me. She will always reinforce each situation with “the golden rule,” remind me to “kill them with kindness” and “always take the Huey P. Long Bridge (aka the high road).” She will always be my parent first and friend second.

She is my best friend by MY choice.

What are the qualities of a best friend?

  • They will do anything for you
  • You call- they are there instantly
  • They will listen to you for hours (and you for them).
  • They support you in all aspects
  • You hurt, they hurt

Mom, this is you. This was ALWAYS you. You worked hard to get me to this point. I know every time you told me no, it was for my best interest. I know you waited 25 long years to hear this. For those moments I disappointed you and made you question your parenting, this is your reassurance. This is the fruit of your labor. Thank you for being strong in your convictions and devoted to your parenting. In return, I dub you as my best friend, always.

I love you, bestie mom!


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