Think SMART-Google Home Mini Review

It’s been about a month since I’ve owned my Google Home Mini. I’m not going to lie, the thought of this strange little device knowing my every day life and routine freaked me out a little. Would I ever go to my life before “Pouf,” I like to call my personal assistant? NOPE! My life is forever more convenient with this round little device.

It’s hard for me to imagine a morning waking up without my mini reminding me of my daily schedule, weather and traffic updates, answering my (sometimes) ridiculous questions and making phone calls for me. “Pouf” as I like to call my mini, has made my day so much easier. From asking for recipe ideas to controlling my tv through voice activation, I can say my life has become much more “hands free” on the days I am running late and have multiple tasks to complete.

When my parents got this for Christmas, I knew I needed one too. After spending a few days using theirs (who they named Joy), I realized how much more efficiently my day could be run at the low cost of $50. Is it a necessity? Only if you want to make your life a little more convenient. By the end of this review, you may realize you are missing out the convenience of a voice activated device.

An amazing feature is the voice activated grocery list. Want to talk about a dream come true? By simply saying, “hey google! Add bananas, coconut milk and quinoa to my grocery list.” Each item is added to my grocery list on my phone in the google home app. Here I can check off the items at the store and I no longer leave the store forgetting anything. This alone makes this tech worth it.

This little hockey puck comes in three different colors (chalk, charcoal and coral). I personally like the chalk color the best because my home is neutral.

A few perks are that I can set a timer when I cook, an alarm to wake up in the morning and even control my music through the voice activation speakers by simply say, “Okay Google, play Michael Buble radio” and “POUF” music comes on.

I knew I wanted to use this to the fullest and I felt as though over the last month I have learned how to use this for my benefit. Through the Google Home app, I can also control from my phone making it even more convenient if I am in a part of my house where my voice can’t reach the device.

If you were looking to purchase a google home or mini, I hope you have been positively informed of the wonderful things this device can do for you. I truly haven’t found anything that I do not like about my Google Home mini (other than not buying it sooner)!

Think Smart, folks and go with the mini!

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