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When my grandmother, my GeGe who I often post about, was a young mother, she use to go to classes to learn how to macrame. Just a few weeks ago, she was telling me how this craft was therapeutic and a fun hobby she enjoyed.

When I came across Briana Sullivan, the craftswoman behind Southern Knots, I knew we had to meet up so I could learn a thing or two about this skilled craft. Some of you may be asking yourself, what’s macrame? Briana was so gracious to teach me all about it!

Briana, a talented wife and mother, started macrame a year ago. With the hopes of making a plant hanger, Briana took on the task of macrame. Her craft has evolved into a collection of beautifully hand crafted wall hangers, key chains, earrings, coaster and much more.

I asked Briana if she would teach me a few Knot techniques to better understand this craft. Briana was so gracious to teach me three different knot techniques she includes in many of her macrame pieces.

I’m not going to lie, I struggled a bit, but with practice, I believe I could get use to this skilled craft. Briana taught me a square knot first. Briana instructed me and coached me through each step as she completed the knots alongside me. This really helped me understand and catch on quicker than if I were doing this on my own.

Interested in learning how to do this but you don’t have the courage to tackle it on your own? Briana will be teaching macrame classes in the future. Grab a few of your girlfriends and a few bottles of wine and let Briana help you create something beautiful for your home. How fun would this be for an adult birthday celebration or a way to get your friends together!?

Interested in having Southern Knots create something for you? Head on over to her Etsy page (link HERE) and see the amazing pieces in her collection. Be sure to follow her on social media to “stay in the loop” with the latest and greatest Macrame creations. Links Below

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Photo Credit: Joni Pitre Duet

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