My Year, 2017

What. A. Year.

As I’m laying in my bed working on this post, I sincerely have no idea where the year went! I blinked and it is already time to start preparing for 2018. I remember around this time a year ago, I made a promise to myself to no longer hold back on what I wanted to do. For the longest time, I put others’ happiness before myself. Though this is how we SHOULD live, neglecting myself was equally unproductive. It was time to make myself a priority again.

Some of you may feel this way too. A little “me time” does not stamp you as a selfish person. It was my goal in 2017 to find my niche and put my passion(s) into play. Of course, this required a little more time for myself, which I believe is PERFECTLY okay.

For starters, what helped me most was learning to tell people, “no.” This was major for me. Huge. I’m a natural people pleaser who despises confrontation and upsetting others. When I commit to a task, I intend to give it my all. Finding the courage to say no has allowed me to prioritize my activities and complete them successfully. I no longer fear the unknown of telling people no and you shouldn’t either.

This past year, I learned to care less about what others think of me. Nearing the age of 25, I have learned that what I think of myself is MOST important. Impressing people is an unnecessary act that we have all taken part in. When I asked myself, “why am I working so hard to impress others,” I realized this was a turning point in my life. I no longer sought the approval of others. I’d say this is a sign of growing up. When I began channeling this energy and impressing myself, I was surprised with the outcome. The moral is, when you respect and love yourself, you quickly learn that others will too.

2017 has taught me to not only improve myself, but do my best to be a positive light to others. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an inspiration or an inspirational person. Through my life experiences, I have chosen to always find the lesson and see the good in everyone and everything. The world is filled with much sadness and darkness. We see it every day on social media. Wouldn’t you agree? I REFUSE to take part and feed into the constant negativity. I believe happiness is something we must choose for ourselves. If you are seeking happiness within yourself, my best advice is to find the good, see the good and BE the GOOD.

Out of everything I learned this past year, the best lesson was the value of love, family, friends, happiness and laughter. These are priceless sentiments which have helped to steer my ship in the direction I have always hoped for. So to the year 2017, my year, I thank you. You were undeniably good to me and changed the course of my life for the better. Get ready 2018, I’m coming for ya!

Wishing you all a joyous and happy new year filled with an abundance of happiness and success!

Make 2018 YOUR year!

Stay Gorjess💋✌🏼

2 thoughts on “My Year, 2017

  1. Jessica, You are wise beyond your years. I am right with ya setting goals for myself in 2018. It is a big year for me, lots of changes ahead, positive, life changing and hopefully to extend my years for the betterment of being a positive role model. It is a lot of work but I think that you should never stop trying to be better, more loving, more caring and more of God to make it all stick. Love you and I will miss seeing you in January. Love Donna

    1. I love hearing that 2018 will be your year!! I’m so excited to see what it will bring you! I’m sad we won’t see you in January, but I’m happy to know it’s because you will be giving yourself some “me time!” Love you and I hope to see you soon❤️

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