Tips To Maintain A Functional And Organized Closet

clean out my closet and give clothes to the needy and reorganize my entire wardrobe.

My entire closet has been color coordinated all my life. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. It keeps my life simplified and it’s an easy way to pick up and pick out clothes each day.

Here are some tips and tricks I’m sharing with you to make the organization process fun and productive.


  • Begin by purging your closet of unwanted clothing items. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small.
  • Begin by purging shirts. Haven’t worn it in a year? Put it in an assigned “ditch it” pile. Trust me when I say if you haven’t worn it in a year, 2018 will be no different!
  • Next, purge pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and finish with shoes.
  • My best advice is to assign a time frame and tackle closet purging on a day you know you have ample time. Schedule this on your calendar in advance so you can truly accomplish this in one days time. Carrying over into more than one day leaves chance that you won’t fully complete the organizational process.
  • Lastly, when clothes are packed in garbage bags, bring your clothes STRAIGHT to your car and have a designated place to drop off (this way it won’t be sitting in your bedroom and you have the possibility of going through it and second guess your decision to get rid of it).


  • Take note of what you have remaining in your closet.
  • Create a game plan of how you will begin the organizational process.
  • Think about your morning and daily routine. How can you simplify your closet to help you get ready more efficiently?


  • Here is what works for me. My closets are two large separate closets side by side. The left closet is designated for my dressy clothes which includes; (from left to right) jumpsuits, maxi dresses, short dresses, rompers, tops (all tops including blouses, sweaters, tunics, etc.) and skirts. My right closet is my workout/casual (nike shorts and dry fit shirts) and shoes.
  • I organize EACH of these sections by color. The color palette I chose for my closet below is soft and appealing to the eye. It is also simple for me to pick out and pick up my clothes. I ONLY focus on color coordination when organizing amongst clothing styles. This keeps things simplified and manageable.


  • You may be asking yourself, can my closet stay organized? Truth be told, closet organization is something I recommend you do quarterly. The extent of organization is determined by YOU! If you manage to keep the color pattern in tact, purging will be your biggest task. You CAN maintain an organized closet with a little determination and motivation. This is where I’ll come in to give you the push you need! Organization isn’t something to be intimidated by. You can do this!

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