The Beauty Lab Med Spa- Lifting Lashes And Spirits

The Beauty Lab Med-Spa, owned and operated by Ashley Raynal, is a place to relax and revive your skin. Ashley, a local esthetician in Thibodaux, LA, has always had a passion for beauty and wellness. The Beauty Lab is a clear representation of both.

Ashley has a clear niche for lashes and brows. Recently, Ashley was trained with a new eyelash treatment, “lash lifting”. This new, trending treatment is giving eyes the wow factor at an affordable price.

You may be wondering, “how does one lift their eyelashes?” I assure you that after having it done on myself, this is something you WILL want to try. Lash lifting will make your lashes go from “drab” to “fab”.

Personally, I was always curious as to how this process worked. I’ve seen umpteen pictures on social media of women having this treatment completed. You may be asking yourself, “does this hurt”? “How often do I need to get this done?” “Will I see results?” With Ashley’s expertise I can answer all of these questions for you and you can see for yourself, below!

Ready to see my eye lash transformation?

Before my treatment, it would look like I had sad eyes, right? My eyelashes were lifeless and I was in DESPERATE need of mascara (and lots of it).

From the side, it is evident that I do have a multitude of lashes, but the direction they fall is anywhere but up.

Beginning the process, Ashley gave me clear detail to the lifting process and assured I would be satisfied with the end result.

Ashley individually coated my lashes and strategically placed them on the round sponge-like tool used in the lifting process.

She applied various solutions to keep the lash lifted. Additionally, she tinted my lashes to keep them looking bright and volumized.

VOILA! The end result. Look at my lashes, guys! How incredible do they look? My first reaction when Ashley showed me was, “WOW!” The best thing about this is that my lashes will look this full for 8 weeks. The tinting typically lasts for 4 weeks.

If you are blown away by this process, it’s time to book your appointment at The Beauty Lab! Great deal for you all! Ashley is offering a “Hello GorJess” special for any of you who mention you read the article. Normally the lash lift is $65. With the special, a lashlift will only cost you $55. $10 off! How great is this!?

While you are at The Beauty Lab, be sure to inquire into the products Ashley carries for skin, beauty and wellness. From daily skin care, collagen supplements and brow enhancement, there’s something here for everyone!

Special thank you to Ashley for reaching out to collaborate. I can’t tell yo how much help to lift my spirits. She is truly gifted in keeping all of us looking, GorJess!💋✌🏼

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