I Forgive You 

There is nothing more powerful than telling someone, “I forgive you”. Do you agree?

It is bold and courageous. We are human with human feelings and thoughts. We are often persuaded by the world to hold grudges and seek vengeance. Ask yourself this…How do you feel when you do not forgive?

Let me ask you this, do you feel better? From personal experience…I can’t say I feel better. My heart feels heavy and my conscious is screaming at me…JESSICA YOU NEED TO FORGIVE.

All I care about is being undeniably happy. Some of you may feel this way too. At times, we get so caught up in finding fault that we lose valuable time to make the most of the little bit we have.

Why do we do this?

More recently I have been faced with this topic, trying to wrap my head around the true and actual meaning of forgiveness. I’ve observed the actual initiative it takes to forgive, the body language one must possess and the physical actions which involve TRUE and HONEST forgiveness.

Many times I forgave only to walk away with a fear of reoccurring actions.

We often have low expectations from previous experiences and moments of disappointment.

If we TRULY forgive, the past must remain in the past in order to TRULY move forward.

We all have those people in our lives who make situations difficult and seem to constantly bring havoc into our lives. Am I right?

I want you to do this right now. Close your eyes and imagine this person. Imagine you are face to face with this person and tell them, “I forgive you”.

How do you feel? Better? I know I do. Do this for each person in your life you need to forgive. Eventually, you may be able to bring yourself to forgive this person face to face or be satisfied with your own personal intention.

Forgiveness is powerful. In my opinion, forgiveness can solve most, if not all, problems in this world. Do not be a statistic. Do not allow another person to define your future. YOU are the ONLY person in control of your happiness.

I hope you all feel a sense of relief in knowing that everyone has someone in their life they need forgive, just as everyone has something to be forgiven for. Make today THE DAY you take control of your life. If you needed a sign…consider this it.

Forgive those who have trespassed against you. The Lord’s Prayer says it all.

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