How to style the perfect #shelfie

Styling is all about balance. Think of a shelf (or flat surface) as a balancing scale. Styling shelves is similar. Balance is key. 

My style is enhanced by five essential elements which include; books, flowers and or greenery, candles, picture frames, and mirrors. Each of these elements are timeless and can be reconfigured year around to always keep your shelves fresh and up to date! If you are like me, I rearrange my shelves all the time. Here are five essential elements I use to help me remember everything my #shelfie needs! 

Books- are essential to shelf styling. They assist in creating height and dimension on a flat and leveled surface. Finding books that suit the tone and style of the room are essential. They also assist in making a room feel cozy and inviting. A little trick for you guys who love neutral colors as much as I do. Flipping books on a shelf and exposing the pages, rather than the spine, help to create a neutral and textured pallet. I actually do this with some of my books on my shelves. 

Flowers/greenery- there’s no greater joy in my life than eucalyptus. It’s a timeless shade of green that compliments any and all neutral tones. Pairing it with flowers in the spring time gives it the life it truly deserves. Adding eucalyptus on a shelf, greenery or flowers of your choice, is the soft element that helps to truly balance your shelves when styling. Additionally, flowers a quick and inexpensive way to change shelving elements by season. These cream hydrangeas on my shelf are perfect year round. 

Candles-fragrant and soothing. I look at candles as my light and inspiration when styling my shelves. Fortunately, candles come in all shapes and sizes. They come in handy just when you have an empty space that needs some TLC. Additionally, they help to create dimension and height on a shelf which is a key component to proper shelf styling. Typically, I always try to style with a odd number (3) mostly and alternating various heights. On occasion I style with two alternating heights. Normally, never more and never less. On this shelf, I used this glass candle holder to make this shelf feminine and tie in neutral colors. 

Picture frames- because what’s better than having those you love, on display at all times? As I said before, I like to keep everything cohesive. I typically buy the same frame for all of my pictures. All of my pictures are normally printed in black and white to keep everything clean and neutral. 

Mirrors- my absolute most favorite accent! I am saving this one for last. I love the illusion mirrors create. Depending on the angle and size, they can make a particularly small room look much larger. When adding mirrors to my shelf, I typically like to keep them at eye level. Keeping mirrors at eye level also aids in creating the illusion of a “bigger space.” Additionally, it can add height and length to a wall. I typically like to keep my mirrors in the back against the wall for it to serve its purpose. I try to not go overboard with the mirror detailing. 

Overall shelf styling is super versatile. Each of these elements can be used through all seasons of the year, which is what I love most. Timeless. I change my shelf styling all the time. What makes this process so easy to change is buying versatile accents. Cohesive is key! Keep your shelf styling GORJESS 


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