Mermazing Remodel: Sister’s Bedroom Styled By Hello GorJess 

I was so excited to assist this Momma in merging her two girls into this bedroom. You may just faint at how precious this room is. From the mural to the bunk bed, you may wish you had a sister to bunk in this “mermazing” bedroom.

This Momma introduced me to this amazing local artist who completed this watercolor mermaid inspired mural. Isn’t it breathtaking? The detail is incredible and you will see where the inspiration came from for this wall!

Did you ever see a bunk bed so luxurious? I think these are two are the luckiest little girls in the world. This bed was purchased from Louis Mohana.

I think my most favorite accent on this bunk bed are these cushioned ends. It’s so feminine and makes “bunking” extra fab. Choosing the color for this bed was a tough choice, but the silver was stunning.

The drawer space below is an added bonus. You can never have enough drawer space with two little girls.

My role came into play when choosing the bedding, which ultimately inspired the mural. I found this adorable bedding on Pottery Barn Kids. When purchasing bedding, I fully believe in investing in something long lasting. I love the lavender color. The oldest sister loves purple, so I knew we had to incorporate her favorite color into this bedroom.

I can’t even deny that I am all about the sheets. These mermaid sheets were perfect to give this room a “suttle theme.” When we purchased these from Pottery Barn, we had no idea they would be the inspiration for the wall mural. Now I am EXTRA happy we chose these! They are just GorJess.

Lastly, this Momma was able to keep this mint furniture in this bedroom. All of the colors tie in perfectly and really make this room a splash! I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at this sweet bedroom. 💋✌🏼

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