We Did This One FAST-Boys Bedroom Remodel Styled By Hello GorJess 

This bedroom remodel was so much fun! We transformed this nursery into any gamer’s dream bedroom. Each and every inch of this space represents this sweet little boy’s personality.

This project was such a joy to complete. When this little one asked for a “Sonic” bedroom, I had to google who (and what) Sonic was. I’m not very big into themes when it comes to design (as we all know children grow out of their love for characters constantly). I felt it best to use the color palette for “Sonic” to make this room long lasting! 

This desk space was customized to fit the needs of this sweet little one. He is a fantastic artist and wonderful student, so I knew a cozy desk space was a necessity. This room is more modern with various shades of blue, white and grey. 

Desk: Wayfair

Chair: Hobby Lobby

Poufs: Amazon

Trash Can: Target

Desk Lamp: Target

Chalk Board: Hobby Lobby

Letter Board: Hobby Lobby

Cage Display: Hobby Lobby

Pencil Holders: Marshalls

We repurposed these letters that hung above this sweet little one’s crib. We painted them the same shade of blue as the accent wall. This space is super precious!

This little gamer’s “gaming station” is customized to meet his needs and keep him organized. This console was repurposed in order to organize his gaming equipment. Now, he can easily access each of his devices and everything has a place making it easy for him to keep everything organized. 

These hooks for these controls were the perfect solution to keep his gaming equipment organized. Now each of this controls have a place! This space is super cute and functional (two of my favorite words). 

We “Gotta Go Fast “‘and we DID! Like I said before, this is suppose to be a “Sonic” bedroom, so I thought this quote was perfect to put above his bed (as I learned this was a quote by Sonic). This loft bed is so amazing and very functional. We needed more drawer space and storage, so this bed has dual purposes. Not only is it super cute and fun, but it is functional. This little one LOVES Legos, so we stored all of the legos in drawers beneath the bed and put a lego display for his finished projects. How precious is this? 

Loft Bed: Hayneedle

Bedding: Kohls

Throw Pillow: Marshalls

Lego Storage: Amazon

Letters on Wall: Hobby Lobby

This little one has many hobbies. He loves to read, so we though this reading nook would be a perfect place for him to dive into a new book. This hammock chair serves many purposes as it is a place for him to relax, read, play his games and even nap. It’s super cool and fits this space perfectly (I swing in it each time I go over). So relaxing! I want one for myself! 

Hammock: Amazon

Corner Shelf: Wayfair

Told ya this little one loved Legos! Once he completes a design, we have this cool display shelf for him to show of his latest projects. I can’t decide which is my favorite…probably the purple car! This display came from Amazon. Also, these plain white curtains were purchased from Target. 

Lastly, this cool, modern 5 light fan sealed the deal on this room. It lets off SO much light and looks super cool in this bedroom. This light was purchased from lamps plus. Hope you enjoyed this room remodel! I’d say it’s GORJESS! 

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