Home Tour Living Room Remodel: Hello Gorjess

Trying to find the words to properly describe how incredible this remodel has been. From floral wallpaper to floral (printed) furniture…this space was screaming for a makeover.


Sofa shopping was pretty fun! I can vividly remember shopping for the furniture (we just ditched) with my mom as a little girl. It’s so nice to be able do this over-years later- with an opinion that truly matters.

These sofas were not our first choice, but the absolute BEST choice. I am all about comfort. Sofas are a tricky task. We all have difference preference, but these sofas absolutely did the job for us. It’s like laying on a cloud. The throw pillows were the key to tying in our color palette. 

  • White Pillows: Wal-Mart
  • Blue Pillows: Target
  • Gold Pillow: Target
  • White Textured Pillows: Target
  • Throw Blanket: Tuesday Morning


Our house was built in the 90s and the style is classic/traditional.  This vintage rug from target (get it HERE) was the most perfect rug for this space. The neutral tones really tied in the design of the living room and makes it feel like home. 

Faux Fireplace:

Shout out to our friends for ditching this beauty and allowing us to redo it and use it in our home. We had been searching for a mantle that fit the space between our french doors. We did not want a working fireplace. We were going for a decorative look. 

I LOVE CANDLES. They are basically the light of my life (buh doom cha). I dreamed about this space being lit up by candle light. I also loved the idea of mixed wood and metal to add some texture and dimension to this plain white fireplace. Pictures do not do it justice. 

  • Little Latern (Left): Marshalls
  • Tall Lantern: Hobby Lobby
  • Candle Pillars: Pier One
  • Round Lantern: Marshalls


You heard it from me FIRST. A rocker redo is quite the timely task. A few choice words, a small can of chalk paint and sealer truly made this come to life. 

I distressed this rockin monster over a three day weekend. I didn’t want to distress it TOO much, but wanted it to look like it had some wear and tear on it. I LOVE the way it came out. Maybe I just need to work on developing some patience. 

My mom redid the cushions on the rocker with curtains we found (crazy but it’s fabric) and it was the EXACT color we wanted. The pillow was from Pier One on SUPER SALE. 


This beauty has been in our house since day one. My mom and Nana antiqued this beautiful piece not very far from my house at an antique shop called, “Chez YaYa.” It recently opened again and I am SO ANXIOUS to go. 

We decided to keep this wall pretty bare, simplified and symmetrical. I love symmetry and this space allowed us to achieve that perfectly.    

  • Frames-target (and my parents in the frames…not for sale)
  • Candle holders-antiques
  • Mirror-Kirklands
  • Vase-Hobby Lobby 
  • Flowers-Hobby Lobby 
  • Baskets- Hobby Lobby

Wall Table:

My MOST FAVORITE piece in the living room. All I can say is, wow! It’s such a statement piece. Everyone who has come over to visit loves this the most and I must agree. 
My Mom designed this. She drew it up. My dad built it (in one day) and I stained and styled it. It was definitely a family group project. 

I specifically remember trying my best to embrace this moment with my parents. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is and how LUCKY I am to have parents who love to do these projects with me and are talented enough to achieve a vision. 

  • Olive Branches-Hobby Lobby
  • Mirror- Hobby Lobby
  • Lantern-Hobby Lobby
  • Glasses-Dillards
  • Clock-Marshalls
  • Bookend-Hobby Lobby
  • Basket-Pier One 
  • Vase-Hobby Lobby 
  • Calendar- Kirklands 


This lamp is a BEAST! It’s SO HEAVY and large. I honestly don’t know if I have ever seen a lamp quite this big. For the space, we knew we needed something obnoxious in size. We are really trying to keep this space simplified so one statement piece, this lamp, was perfect. 

This lamp was a steal. It is hand painted and the color is very versatile. It’s a true statement and added the proper balance to this living space. We picked this lamp up from Kirklands.  

I hope you all enjoyed this home tour. It was absolutely a labor of love. I treasured this summer project the most. It is wonderful to be able to design for the ones you love the most. Safe to say, I never want to leavešŸ’‹āœŒšŸ¼

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  1. The room looks beautiful, so inviting & comfy. I am sure your mom loves it. I also love the
    decor in the fire place and the look on the glider. It brought it back in style with just a few changes in fabric and paint. I also love the fact that you listed where you bought the merchandise, and it is from all stores that are affordable to everyone. Good Job!

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