How To Embrace Your Season Of Change 

It’s one of those late nights. I am currently watching Gone with the Wind, snacking on some popcorn and trying to wind down from a long day doing what I LOVE! Lately I have been experiencing much change. Mostly all wonderful, but change is something that I am constantly at war with. When I get into a routine I get into trouble. I pray for God to allow my transitions in life to be smooth and painless, though this is not always the case.

As I am getting older, I am coming to terms that change is a wonderful thing. With change comes experience. I believe that through experience we are able to grow, if we allow growth to take place.

Here are some techniques I have used in my life to embrace the change happening in my life. 


Self reflecting is something I do often. Reflecting on change in my life is something that I have been putting forth effort to do more frequently, which has allowed me to truly see growth in myself as a person, daughter, woman and friend. When I self reflect, writing  things down works best for me. I journal on a weekly basis. I would love to write more BUT with my hectic schedule, time does not always allow. Looking back on my younger less experienced self in my earlier journals comparing to now is incredible. It’s amazing to see visual evidence of personal progress through my seasons of change. Which brings me to acceptance.


Each day I prepare myself that anything can happen. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and through my life I have learned this all too quickly. Acceptance is something we all struggle with. Whether it be something small, like accepting a grade or something big like someone falling out of love with you…acceptance is difficult. Again, we are all human. No matter the season, accept where you are. Accept the struggle. Accept the success. You are here in this season for a purpose, though it may be difficult to understand.


My mom is a saint sent from above. My breakfast each morning growing up was bacon and toast with a glass of positivity. Positive affirmation is good for the soul, especially when you are going through any type of change. For some of you, change could be negative. It could be a death in the family, a loved one moving away or a breakup. Each of these changes can be quite life changing and something which requires time to get over. Remaining positive and always looking at the bright side of any situation will aid to the ease of change. Again, we may not all be positive people by nature, but I believe that with practice and consistency, positivity is a learned behavior. 


Accept the transition you are in. Accept the challenges you may face and be ready to take them on at full force. Transitioning from something as little as a job position to something more serious like moving on from a divorce can have its challenges. Accept and embrace your season of change through the transition process. You may not be where you were before and that’s a good thing. Growth is good. With transition comes growth and experiences to learn from. 


Love what you do. Love where you are in life. Live in the moment. We are so quick at wanting MORE that we lose sight of what we HAVE. Love who you are in your season of change. You’ll never be this person again. When you love yourself and who you are, you will see how easy life is. When you love the people you surround yourself with, you will know that you have fully embraced your season of change. 

Reflect, accept, positive affirmation, transition, and love through your season of change. Namaste, GorJess 💋✌🏼

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