20 Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow

I love Instagram! Just the other day I was inspired to write about all of my favorite Instagram accounts that some of you may be interested in. What I love most about insta, is the incredible photography and the captivating images.

The amount of inspiration ran through my Instagram news feed is overwhelming. The hidden talent is extraordinary and I intend on following ALL accounts that capture my interest. From fashion, home deco, organization, lifestyle, healthy recipes, workouts…the list goes on and on for what inspires me as a blogger, woman, designer and organizational enthusiast.

The Every Girl 

  • Putting The Every Girl first because this is my most favorite account to follow on Instagram. If there is any blogger I aspire to be like, the Every Girl is my inspiration. From the cleverness of the name, we as woman can relate in some form or fashion! Stop what you are doing and go follow!

Emily Ley

  • I love following Emily Ley. Her content is great, her account is colorful and gives wonderful organization tips for her simplified planners. She is very relatable and knowledgeable of young woman and her concept of getting organized Is simplified to perfection!

Inspired by This

  • The name says it all. Inspired by This is such an  amazing account to follow. It’s a smorgasbord of useful information for all things woman are inspired by! The images are so appealing to the eye. Regardless of the vast content, everything is cohesive and will inspire you in some for or fashion.

The Container Store

  • The Container Store…inspiring me each day with brilliant organizational ideas. I love the images they share, as they are relatable to people from various walks of life. We all live different livesing our organization functional in various ways. I find The Container Store does an amazing job adhearing to a variety of organizational strategies with their AMAZING products. Check em out.

The Holliday Collective 

  • One of my favorite local bloggers and accounts to follow on Instagram. Each of Crystal’s posts are informative and appealing to the eye. Her photography skills are just as amazing as her content. Focusing on home decor, you will want to remodel after scrolling through her Instagram. From character to charm, The Holliday Collective has it all. Must follow!


  • Wonderful account to follow for you clean eaters. Though I am not a vegan I tend to lean towards this kind of diet, mainly because I don’t like (most) meat. Plant based nutrition is on the upscale for the millennial generation. Follow this account! You won’t regret it!

Black Oak Art

  • I am highly fascinated with Magnolia Market, and The Gaines’ family (if you know me, you already know this). Black Oak Art makes much of Jo’s pottery that she displays in home’s on Fixer Upper, as well as merchandise available on Magnolia Market’s website. I love following this account for the simple fact that I am fascinated with art and pottery. If this interest you as well, I suggest you follow!

The Line Boutique

  • I live for clothes! The Line Boutique shares the most amazing and unique outfit combinations on their Instagram account. I feel as though they are always a step ahead in fashion, inspiring me and my wardrobe. If you love clothes like I do, follow them!

Meri Meri

  • This account makes me SO HAPPY for so many reasons! I am literally obsessed with this account. If you love anything happy, colorful and unique follow Meri Meri! I love everything about decor, especially party deco. Their merchandise are the most stylish party products around. Planning a party? Follow Meri Meri and get inspired.

Garnish Craft Cocktails 

  • I love unique drinks. I am open to trying all types of adult beverages as long as they are garnished to perfection. Garnish Craft Cocktails has amazing- one of a kind drink recipes. This account provides ample flavor combinations and a wide variety of lesser known brands of liquor that I have grown to love. Pour yourself a cocktail and follow Garnish craft cocktails! The images alone are breathtaking.

Creating Happiness 

  • This account is simple unbelievable for unique home decor. Creating happiness is a company who custom designs hand crafted wooden boards to hang in children’s bedrooms. The craftsmanship of this product is unbelievable. I recently designed a baby boy’s nursery where we ordered one for a new born. It’s BREATHTAKING! Create some happiness in your life and go follow.

Kayla Itsines 

  • Constantly researching new workouts and motivation to keep moving. Kayla Itsines is a very popular account that I follow providing the latest on fitness and wellness. Want to get fit? Follow!


  • Letterfolf is a brand of board most seen in staging home decor. I love this concept. I follow this account for the shear quirkiness of the quotes they come up with. I have a board just like this at home! If you  sarcastic and enjoy a laugh, follow Letterfolk. You WON’T regret it!

Evelyn Henson

  • If I had a choice I would see the world as a watercolor image. Evelyn Henson shares the most incredible products she paints in watercolor. From mugs to graphics, this account is inspiring to all women. If you are a lover of watercolor art, this is THE account to follow.

The Home Edit

  • Organization is my life. It consumes my every day and the home edit reminds me that there are people out there just like me who love color coordination.

Neat Method

  • Neat Method also fuels my organization. The muted color organization sums up my life in a nutshell.

GiGi Pip

  • My hat collection is #real and GiGi Pip give me hat envy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Their feed is amazing and the hats are #goals

Living with Landyn

  • A friend of mine just recently introduced me to living with landyn. Her account is beautiful and her tips and advice are always on point. I watch her insta stories all day long each time feeling more inspired!

Theresa Elizabeth Photography

  • I love supporting local photographers and Theresa Elizabeth always blows me away. Her images are breathtaking. If you need photography inspiration, this girl delivers!

Hello GorJess

  • Although my account doesn’t nearly compare to the 19 above, I’m so inspired by all of these accounts. I love my #instafeed and I’m so grateful to all of my followers MUAH💋✌🏼

I hope you all enjoy following these Instagram accounts!

Stay Gorjess

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