The Survival Guide For College Girls

I decided to compile a list of must have items for the new (and experienced) college girl!

For any of you first time college chickas, this list will be your highlighted map of must have items to survive these next four (ish) years!

Before you know it, you’ll be strutting across that stage💋✌🏼

Felt tip pens: If you haven’t discovered these yet, you need them…in EVERY color…in order to properly color code all those lecture notes.

Umbrella: Must have with you at all times. Learned my lesson one one too many times.

Raincoat: This raincoat is precious and on SUPER sale right now. This one comes in army green and navy.

Image of Levi's Waterproof Raincoat Hoodie
Image of Levi's Waterproof Raincoat Hoodie

Rainboots: You will thank me for adding this to the list on that rainy day when your college campus is flooding and class is not cancelled:) these Hunter rainboots are 25% off right now!

Back Pack: I highly recommend a water repellant school bag. This one is adorable and super affordable!
Town Backpack | XS

Clipfolio: WISH I would have known about this my first year of college, especially for lecture classes. HIGHLY recommend one for each class to keep you organized.

Beats By Dre: From working out to waiting between classes, these earbuds are the BEST to drown out any noise. The sound is incredible and totally worth the $!

Planner: I know everyone has a preference of organization, but I guarantee this planner will get the job done, ease your stress and allow you to stay super organized.

2019 Daily, Simplified Planner, Happy Stripe®

Swell Bottle: I recommend this bottle mainly for the convenience. You can pop this water bottle in and out of your backpack without worrying whether your bottle will leak water all over your school bag. The monaco blue is my favorite right now (25 oz).

Bento Lunch Box : Avoid gaining weight and spending an outrageous amount of money on food. This bento lunchbox is sized to fit perfectly portioned meals. This is the perfect size to fit into your school bag without having another bag to lug around. Might I as the color is so refreshing!

MUST READ BOOK: Tiny beautiful things is a wonderful book. I recommend ALL college girls purchase and read. I guarantee this will speak to ALL of you in some form or fashion.

Best of luck to all you college girls! I hope these items ease your mind and help make this next step in your life quite luxurious.

My best advice for all of you is to make the most of this time. It flies by and in a few years from now, you will want nothing more than to go back to those random nights of staying up late with your besties!💋✌🏼

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