Styled By Shoe-Shi Boutique: Face Mask Review

This is a different item I am blogging about this week. I tried out two different face masks the last two weeks (available at Shoe-Shi Boutique). I LOVE face masks! Every time my friends come over for a wine night or hang out in the evening, we always try a new homemade face mask! I’m super excited that these fun masks are available 5 minutes from my house and save me the trouble of “making” my own. 

The one I tried last week was the lemon and charcoal. I have used a charcoal nose strip before (umm ouch) so I was a LITTLE nervous to see how this would react on my face. I have weird skin. It’s super dry and my pores are enormous. Before doing this mask, I was suffering from monthly breakout and my skin needed some TLC. 

I opened the package, read and followed the instructions. The inside of the package is super moist, so there is much excess to be able to spread the solution in areas the mask doesn’t cover (I covered my neck with solution as well). 

Putting the mask on was quite comical. I should have videoed myself to share with all of you. Anyhow, the process was very easy. The moment I put the mask on my face, I could immediately feel the tingle (I love that feeling because I know something is happening). The citrus felt so fresh on my face and I knew I was leaving this on as long as I was able to. 30 minutes quickly passed by, my phone timer went off and I removed the face mask. 

I headed on over to my bathroom and noticed redness around my eyes, forehead and nose. This is totally normal for me as these areas on my face are the most sensitive when I get a facial. My skin felt so soft and was noticeably brighter. My pores also weren’t as noticeable as they normally are. I would recommend this face mask to anyone wanting to try something new. Available at Shoe-Shi Boutique! 

WEEK 2: Raccoon Mask 

This week, I’m trying out an animal (raccoon) mask, also available at Shoe-Shi. So this mask is made to “wake up your skin.” My skin in particular is SUPER DRY which makes my natural skin look lifeless. 

You can probably see the bags under my eyes. I have been working often and haven’t been getting much “beauty sleep.” It’s evident I could use some help in this department. I am also still struggling with an acne breakout on the left side of my face. You can probably see it best in the second photo. 

This is the raccoon mask. As stated previously, you can see the directions for this mask are super simple and the few benefits from this mask. 

It was very simple to put this mask on. The minute I put it on, my skin felt unbelievably hydrated. I love that fresh feeling and slight tingle. Though this tingle wasn’t drastic, I could feel some difference. I left it on for the full time (15 minutes). 

Once I took the mask off, my face was still pretty damp and saturated in the soloution from the mask. I kept it on until it dried and my skin was able to absorb the solution. I can say a day later that my skin feels fresh and hydrated aiding my unbelievably dry skin. 

If any of you are looking for a face mask to try for yourself or buy for a friend/family member, I would suggest either of these face mask. At Shoe-Shi, there are various face masks available for you to try! Head on over to Shoe-Shi store front location or their online boutique to purchase. As always, Stay Gorjess


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