Styled by Shoe-Shi: All about the Tassels 

I’m a tasselholic and proud! Tassels are definitely trending in 2017. What I love most about tassels are the multitude of color combinations and fun texture. When my outfit is missing something, I usually head on over to Shoe-Shi and find the perfect tassel accessory to finish off my ensemble.

This week I am featuring this adorable and versatile tassel from Shoe-Shi boutique. This tassel is guaranteed to make your handbags, beach bags, back pack or rear view mirror extra GorJess. This multi colored tassel is $12 and can be used for various occasions. Whether you are amping up your beach bag or handbag to add color to your outfit, this tassel is the perfect accessory.

I decided to put my tassel on my backpack to give it some color. I think it’s GorJess! Head on over to Shoe-Shi boutique and pick up a tassel for a friend with a summer birthday or a treat for yourself! If you can’t make it to the the store front, head on over to their online boutique to purchase. As always, stay Gorjess💋✌🏼

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