GeGe’s Fig Preserve Recipe

  For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has always made fig preserve. In her backyard, her fig tree has become a true focal point and conversation starter. In my lifetime, this tree has tripled in size. It’s enormous!

As a child, I refused to try her famous recipe. Everyone would say, “what do you mean you never tried your grandmother’s fig preserve?” Over the years, adults would rant and rave about my GeGe’s recipe and how wonderful it was. Apparently, it was quite tasty!

About three years ago I was reading about figs and the health benefits it provides (in raw form of course). I FINALLY bit the bullet, picked one off the fig tree ate it and FELL IN LOVE! The taste is indescribable! The natural sweet flavor is out of this world! I can kick myself for wasting away years of being able to enjoy this sweet treat! Naturally, this newfound love had me wondering what her “famous preserve” tasted like! So, I tried it and AGAIN…..kicking myself it took me 21 years to try this!

The taste of her recipe is incredible! It’s sweet, delicious and I enjoy it most on homemade drop biscuits. With fig season in full swing, I decided to share her recipe with you all. She was more than anxious to share her recipe with all of you as it is something I treasure most about her. So yesterday, I headed on over to her house, picked some figs with her, and we made the preserve together. Such a fun memory I will cherish always.

Sharing the recipe with you guys in this downloadable and printable document! I hope you all enjoy this just as much as I do! The secret ingredient- lots of love<3

Stay Gorgess, guys!💋✌🏼

Free downloadable/printable Recipe : GeGe’s Fig Preserve

Preparing the figs to begin the preserve
How I like my fig preserve-on a fresh, hot drop biscuit!

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