Mai’d With Love-Created By Talent 

Featuring Mai’d with Love this month for my Facebook giveaway. Mai Orgeron, a talented local, has a true talent and eye for design. When I began following her account on Instagram, I was blown away by the unique style of each baby door hangers she painted. Though each one has their own unique design, all of her boards are cohesive and share a similar pretty and elegant flare that fits my style. When I contacted her to be a part of this month’s giveaway, I knew EXACTLY what I had in mind. Of course she went above and beyond and truly “Mai’d” my vision come to life. Her story is quite unique and is a true testimony of raw talent.

Here is how “Mai’d with Love” came about!

“Starting the business before I knew it was a “business” was easy. It apparently was baby season in my life and so many friends and family were pregnant! I wanted to do something a bit different for all of them, so I came across this idea to do something personalized to match their nurseries. After doing my first newborn hanger for a close friend, she continually talked me into making these to sell. I couldn’t get myself to at first since I only crafted and painted as a hobby. She coincidently also had many friends due and requested for newborn hangers to then become my first official customer! Using social media as my podium to reveal my first few projects and orders, it drew in customers and before I knew it, here I am!

My main products are newborn hangers which are also my favorite to create! Painting hangers that are unique to each individual newborn makes it so much more special. This is how I was able to decide on the official name of “Mai’d With Love.” Each hanger is painted from a blank board and created from a mixture of the ideas of the customers, photo inspirations of the nursery, and a whole lot of love to make sure I bring their vision to life! My product line has increased to do other items including established trays for wedding gifts, monthly boards, and most recently, paper flowers!

I continue to do what I do, simply because of the joy it brings to others. Never in my life I could think that throwing some paint on a board would ever mean so much to others. Sharing my hobby to make items that are keepsakes and in turn have so much meaning behind them is the main reason that allows me to keep on keeping on.

It’s been such a pleasure to work with such amazing customers and to hear the words, “It’s perfect,” is just everything to me!

I cannot express the joyous gratitude to Jessica and Hello GorJess for allowing me to be this month’s spotlight and create such a cute item, that I may even piggy back on this idea! I never thought this side hobby would ever take off, and to be able to share this with you all is all thanks to God for giving me the courage to just take it and run with it! And thanks to all my followers for continuing to support me and watch my art continue to grow!”

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future..”

-Proverbs 31:25

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