Ultimate Classic Movie List

Those who know me can vouch that I am a classic movie enthusiast. I love movie history, the golden age of Hollywood and of course the glitz and glam that goes with it.

I believe my love for classic movies comes from my grandparents, as well as my parents. It’s not a normal Friday night without popcorn, malts and an old movie, while camping out in the living room watching old movies.

I vividly remember watching The Sound of Music over and over with my Nana. We would lay in her hospital bed singing at the top of our lungs! My Nana had an incredible voice. Each time I watch this movie, I swear I hear her singing along.

Watching Gone with the Wind was an ALL DAY AFFAIR at my GeGe’s house. We loved Scarlett’s dresses and wardrobe changes the most. Each time we watch it, we would count how many outfit changes Scarlett had throughout the movie (which is 22 by the way).

Many of these movies bring me back to my childhood and a memory I cherish. Making memories is what I love most. I believe that watching a movie that captures your heart, like all of these have captured mine, is what makes these movies so special.

From sharing a laugh to crying a pool of tears, these movies bring on innumerable emotions. If anything, I hope one of these movies captures your heart. I hope one of these movies becomes a family favorite or a new tradition. I know many of these are all of the above for my family. I can’t think of a better time to binge watch old movies other than Summer time! Enjoy💋✌🏼

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  1. I love all of these movies as well! We need to get cracking bc we have alot of movies to rewatch!

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