Must Haves for the Perfect Summer 

Summer is my time to rejuvenate. By May I’m worn out, need a vacation and of course I’m ready to get my tan on. Curling up with a good book on the beach, with all the right beach accessories, is what I dream about during the colder months.

Now that Spring in South Louisiana is basically over, it’s on to the next season! Summer! Sharing with you 10 Must Haves for Summer that I surely won’t be going without. There’s something here for people of all ages! Let’s just say….I want and REALLY NEED all of this to properly commence Summer time! Be sure to click on the word item to lead you to the link for those of you interested in purchasing any of these items!

1. Hand Painted Beach Inspired Stemless Wine Glasses

  • I’m a proud wino. I’m an even prouder collector of cute, adorable one of a kind items and that’s exactly what these wine glasses are. I saw them on Prep Obessed and fell in love with the entire set. Wonderful gift idea for a friend (of appropriate age) or a wonderful gift for yourself! I’m all about treating yourself to a little chardonnay in a perfectly handpainted glass fitting the season.              

2. The 5 Love Languages Book

  • I am SOOOOO excited to read this book. It’s been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to dive in to. One of my best friends suggested that I read this book. She has raved about it for over a year and how life changing it was for. This Summer will be my time to make time to read this.         

3. Be Grateful Sea Salt and Cucumber Candle

  • I’m old fashion. There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing evening, sipping on a glass of chardonnay with a nice candle burning. I wait for Summer ALL YEAR so I can burn this candle. It’s the perfect scent for Summer and fills any home with the right kind of fragrance for the season.  

4. Kortni Jeane Swimsuits

  • A friend of mine introduced me to these bathing suits last Fall. I fell in love with everything about them. From the funky patterns to the appropriate fit, this is the perfect swimsuit for a classy, modest woman. I am not a fan of overexposure so these swimsuits allow me to embrace my youth, yet remain appropriate for my age. Highly recommend and worth every penny! This is my favorite style and print this season!                             

5. Straw Tote

  • At some point this Summer, we will all be making a trip to the beach, right!? If not the beach…at least a pool! This straw tote is the perfect size to take to any destination involving Summer water fun. It’s spacious and perfectly suits the fun Summer season! Loving everything about this!                             

6.  Round Beach Towel

  • These round beach towels are the “ish” right now. I’m super picky about everything….even a beach towel design. I loved how different these patterns were. And the color combinations. Perfect gift for yourself or a friend! 

7. Le Specs Sunglasses 

  • You’ll never catch me wearing super expensive sunglasses to the beach OR a pool. Been there LOST THAT! Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to take to the beach and wear in the water can be a challenge. I stray away from metal. I try to look for something plastic that can afford some possible scratches. I absolutely LOVE Le Specs. I have had the same pair for a few years now and they are truly a God sent in the Summer months. If I lose them, I don’t feel as guilty considering they aren’t insanely priced. I love tortoise, as it is timeless. The size is flattering to any shape or face! Highly recommend!!!                              

8. JCrew Straw Hat

  • I’d be lying if I didn’t say I like to wear hats as a fashion statement, especially in the Summer months. Though wearing a bigger floppy hat is a must if you are planning on spending ample time in the sun. The sun is bright and beautiful, but it is cruel the skin. This hat is super affordable, adorable and could compliment any swimsuit considering it’s a neutral color. Also, serves its purpose as a protector from the sun. Adding to my list of must haves for sure!!!                                                           

9. Grapefruit Pool Float  

  • This item is purely used for fun! Though I’m adding it to my must have Summer items, this item is for you “pool goers.” Pool floats are a must have for Summer. What is unique about this one is that it requires no air and is filled with microbeads which mimic a beanbag chair. Additionally, it is long lasting and can be used for several summers. I adore the colors. It is the perfect shape for laying out and catching some rays, still enjoying the pool without getting soaked. Perfect “end of the school year gift” for your kiddos (and yourself)!                         

10. Caftan

  • I decided a few weeks ago that my Summer wardrobe will only consist of caftans. I’m a “loose fitting clothes” kind of girl. I live for comfort and that’s exactly the fit and style of a caftan. I have a few caftans in my closet but this one is in my cart and ready for purchase. How adorable is this print? Additionally, this caftan can also serve as a coverup! Win win for summer caftan!!           

Summer means fun! Fun to me includes shopping and indulging all my hard work so far throughout the year. Treat yourself or a friend to some of these must have items that are sure to make your summer one you will never forget! As always, thanks for reading! Keep our Summer and style Gorjess💋✌🏼

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