Ultimate Guide for Cinco De Mayo 

Cinco de Mayo comes second to Christmas as my favorite holiday! Not sure if it’s the little bit of Spanish in my blood OR my LOVE for Mexican food, BUT over the years I have perfected my list for all “Cinco De Mayo” necessities and when is there a more appropriate day to share them with all of you!?

1. Watermelon Margarita

  • One cannot “Cinco De Mayo” without a margarita….I mean….it’s Cinco De Mayo! I LOVE ANYTHING WATERMELON (I’m basically a five year old).
  • Here is a link to my favorite recipe for a WICKED WATERMELON MARGARITA ! It is DELICIOUS!

2. Chips and Salsa

  • If you are going the healthy route (I mean it IS a holiday…we can cheat right)? ONLY KIDDING!
  • Here is a link to my favorite CHIPS and SALSA recipe.


  • I make homemade guacamole year round. I use a secret ingredient that truly takes guacamole to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
  • Here is the link to my GUACAMOLE RECIPE which is also printable!

4. Dress to Impress

  • Floral embroidery is really “in” right now. I mean you have the chips, dip and drinks….you have to look the part, right!? Secret: floral embroidery is my FAVORITE!
  • Here’s a link to my favorite floral embroidery dress, earrings and shoes from some of my FAVORITE stores!

5. For the Kids

I hope this helps you all properly celebrate such a fun holiday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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