Five Quick Tips to make Your Life a Breeze

Lately I have been busier than I have ever been (and I am loving it)! I began to analyze my days and pick out some key things I do throughout the week to help me stay organized and on task. The commonality in each day is that I utilize my time. Utilizing the “work hours” in my day allows for me to make the most of my free time. Sharing 5 quick tips to help each of you make the most of your time to make your life look and feel like a vacay!

1. Utilize your weekends:

Though weekends are often thought of as “break time” don’t be fooled…weekends can be used to your advantage to make your weekdays a lot less stressful. Sunday, is truly the sabbath day. I make an effort to do the following

  • Picking out my outfits for the week
  • Iron clothes
  • Meal prep meals for the week

I can tell you my weekdays are much more relaxing and organized when I achieve these tasks.

2. Tackle a task a day:

Everyday I make an effort to tackle a task in my home.

  • Monday: vacuum house
  • Tuesday: Dust house
  • Wednesday: clean bathrooms
  • Thursday: clean bedrooms
  • Friday: Vaccum house
  • Saturday: clean out fridge

I am less overwhelmed throughout the week knowing that I am doing small, yet meaningful tasks. I set a reminder on my phone each week to remind me of what to do each day.

3. Get some rest

I’m a hypocrite typing this at 1 am, BUT I make a strong effort to be in my bed, lights out for 10:00 pm. Eight hours of rest allows for me to have a productive day and not be sluggish and groggy. Also, I have been trying to make a conscious effort to keep my phone in my nightstand while I sleep. Having my phone tucked away while I sleep allows for me to get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling well rested.


I am a TOTALLY different person when I eat breakfast. Those mornings when I am running late (most likely because I went to bed late) I often run out the door forgetting to eat breakfast. Resulting in me being a total “grouchketeer”. (See the trickle affect of going to bed late!?). A well balanced breakfast makes for a good and productive day. I start my morning by drinking a carb fighter shake to truly get me going! I love AdvantEDGE carb  fighter. I’ve tried all flavors and the chocolate is my favorite.

5. Get yourself a daily planner

I am a lost without my planner. I am a tangible person. I need to physically check things off of my list, highlight, etc. to feel productive. A daily planner is great considering it allots for hourly time slots. My favorite is the Day Designer. This is a wonderful way to keep organized and remain punctual!
These are some of the things I do throughout my week to remain less stressed. I’m a girl on the go. I live on the road and often catch myself coming and going. Always being prepared and ahead of the game allows for all of my daily events to run smoothly and keeps my life simple and Gorjess💋✌🏼

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