Petit Gateau- Little Cake, Big Flavor

M rs. Cindy Guidry, or as I like to call her…the mastermind behind edible works of art, is the owner of Petit Gateau. I have had Mrs. Cindy’s iced sugar cookies for various occasions and all I can say is “YUM”! Not only are the cookies beautifully decorated but also DELICIOUS! When I approached Mrs. Cindy to be apart of my next giveaway, I was ELATED when she said agreed. Y’all know I live for anything cute, meaningful, and tasty. That is exactly how I would describe Petit Gateau. Mrs. Cindy’s story is one that brings a smile to my face each time I read it! I guarantee your mouth will be watering the entire time you read this (I know mine is)!

The Story of Petit Gateau

“My first memory of a beautifully decorated sugar cookie that also tasted like a dream is from Ethan, my first grandchild’s baby shower. My daughter-in-law, Brett, ordered baby blue and white baby carriage cookies. They were beautiful AND delicious!! But, I thought they were overpriced at $3.00 a piece (had no idea the amount of time it takes to decorate them). When Ethan was about to turn two years old, my daughter in law Brett mentioned that his party theme would be Mickey Mouse and that she was thinking about ordering some decorated cookies. I asked her to let me try making them. I had never made decorated sugar cookies before, but I thought, “I can save them some money” and “how hard can it be??”

Well…… my husband jokes that I made 1,000 practice cookies to bring one dozen to the birthday party!! Exaggeration, but you get the picture. It involved a lot of trial and error and Internet searches and sometimes a little hair pulling. After tweaking the cookie and icing recipes several times, I was finally satisfied with the end result.

From that time, I began bringing my cookies to “get togethers” and holiday celebrations with family and friends. It even gave me the confidence to make chocolate covered Oreos that looked like a bride and groom as favors for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding reception. They were also a hit. People started suggesting that I sell my cookies, but surely they were not good enough to sell! I started posting some pictures on Facebook and would get a lot of sweet comments, but thought people were being nice, so I still wasn’t convinced.

Then, in the spring of 2015, a Facebook friend asked THE QUESTION. “Do you make cookies to sell?” I sat there starring at the computer screen. Past comments from encouraging family and friends came back to me. One friend in particular was VERY persistent in telling me and trying to prove to me that my cookies were indeed good enough to sell. (I tell you, I had not been pushed that hard since my mom gave birth to me!!!”) I thought, “God, could I really say yes?” I decided to take a leap of faith and answered “Sure! What would you like?”

And so it began. Why would God reveal this passion at the age of 55?? I don’t know, but his timing is always perfect. It has given me something I love to do, while still allowing me to spend time with my wonderful family and friends. What a beautiful balance! Every now and then I get a really challenging order and it makes me a bit uneasy. Then I remember “love never fails” and this gives me the courage to take on and meet that challenge.

The name Petit Gateau came about while brainstorming to come up with a name for my company. I tried all kinds of angles to come up with something that I liked. Then I decided to try something French. So, I looked up the French translations of the word “cookie”. One of them was petit gateau, which actually translates to “little cake”. That was it!!

It’s right at two years since I took my first official order of cookies and I still love it!! Truly, you have to love it to have the patience to do this kind of work. Petit Gateau has recently added macaroons and cupcakes to its menu. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for pictures of my latest creations. Any questions or to place an order you can contact me via Facebook, messenger or my cell (985) 691-3043. Bon Apetit and God Bless!

Special thanks to Hello Gorjess, Jessica Rebstock, for featuring Petit Gateau. Love you and your blog!!”

A special thank you to Mrs. Cindy for her willingness to take part in my giveaway! Be sure to follow her page on Facebook to keep up with her latest “gorjess” creations!

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