Le Bain…the bathbomb.com

Bath bombs are the “ish” right now. To say I love a good bath bomb is an understatement. Highlighting a local faith based business, Le Bain out of Cut Off, Louisiana this month. The owner and founder of Le Bain was gracious enough to collaborate with me and give me the backstory of her latest and greatest creation, the Blessings Bomb. Below is a direct quote from the owner as to how the Blessings Bomb came about. 

—“The idea of Blessings Bombs were born through a late night conversation with an amazing woman I consider my greatest friend. In a search for Le Bain’s “signature thing”, we spoke of what would set Le BAIN apart from all the other companies and crafters that are offering bath products. At about 3 AM, after prayer, and many conversations, the concept of the Blessings Bombs were thought up. A lot of time was spent praying and searching bible verses. This happened for a while. God revealed that we were to pray over all of the details, when creating the blessing bomb, then continue to pray for the recipient and the person buying the bomb. Starting this January, we launched our 1st Blessing Bomb. Since then we have added 3 bombs in a line of Celebration Blessings Bombs. These are for those special times in our lives that we celebrate. We have, Baby Blessings Bomb, Bridal Blessings Bomb and Birthday Blessings Bomb. Each of our lines of Blessings Bombs, have a sweet card tucked inside of them with a inspirational statement and a bible verse. The cards for the three Celebration Blessings Bombs remain the same, but each month, the regular Blessings Bombs change. Once the month is up, the theme of the month changes and they are no longer available. Some of the themes have been, Divine Timing, Surrender and Transformation.   

We feel blessed to be able to pray upon these bombs in production and as they leave our home to make its way to the person the Lord has intended. Recently we were blessed with the opportunity to have our Blessings Bombs featured in God’s Glory Boxes which is a subscription box company out of Colorado. They purchased 600 Blessings Bombs to send out in April’s boxes.  

All of the credit goes to the Lord for His guidance and strength to make all of this possible.”

Such a wonderful story and testimony of a local business based on Faith and fellowship. It is a true blessing to feature Le Bain’s blessing bomb as a “must have item” recommended by myself. As always, Stay Gorjess💋✌🏼

Be sure to follow Le Bain on Facebook to keep up with their latest and greatest unique bath products! 


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