Feeling Cluttered? Tips To Declutter Your Home!

Organization, my forte. If you know me, I’m clean. Some would say overly clean…but I mean when can one ever be TOO CLEAN!? I thank my momma for teaching me everything I know about “the organized life.” Today, I am focusing on decluttering.

-CLOSET! Ask yourself this….”have I worn this in a year?” “No!?” It’s GTG (GOT TO GO). Pack it up in a garbage bag and donate to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, church, or VVA pickup (give them a call and they will pick it up right from your doorstep). If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you won’t in the future (this goes for clothes, shoes, belts, hats, accessories)! PURGE AND DECLUTTER!


-PANTRY! Purge your pantry! Yes, your pantry can be cluttered.

  • Check those labels on food (in and out the fridge).
  • Toss out those items that have expired and make a list of everything you threw out that you need to replace.

-BATHROOM! Is your bathroom really the cleanest place in your house?

  • Recycle those ragged bath towels into cleaning rags.
  • Replace the old towels with fresh new ones.
  • BTW…how old is your toothbrush? Older than three months? If so, toss that puppy out and get yourself a new one. A toothbrush’s lifetime is typically three months max.
  • Toss out the old nail polish (yes nail polish gets old, shampoo, body wash, and makeup (yes makeup has a lifetime too).
  • Make a list of what you tossed out so you know what you need to replace!
  • Lastly, medicine cabinet. Check all medicines for expiration dates. (I’m famous for buying medicine and letting it sit).


  • Old movies, dvd’s, cd’s (do people still have CD’s!?) that you want to get rid of? Don’t throw them. Your local thrift stores, goodwill, Salvation Army, church etc. will take them off your hands.
  • Old wires, cords, music devices, remotes etc. that you no longer use or may be obsolete…donate those too (only if they work). Don’t forget to properly dispose of old batteries.
  • Donate books that you are no longer reading.
  • Clear off those books shelves with any old decor. Simplification is best (this would be a good way to refresh your decor without spending any $$$).


  • Toss out those old and broken hangers and replace with velvet hangers (those are the best)!
  • Toss out those “extra socks” (we all have them)!
  • Clean out the vent of your dryer after each use to prevent potential fire hazard.
  • Toss out any expired or unused laundry cleaning products.

-BEDROOM! Put down your phone and look in your nightstand. Is it filled with pointless items that you can’t get rid of? Check out what I bought a year ago that has helped my nightstand stay organized-link HERE


Got all that? I just recently did a “PRE spring cleaning” and it was liberating. Though I am typically organized and clean, surprisingly the mess can build up. Don’t beat yourself up! Life happens and de cluttering is a GREAT stress reliever. Here is a declutter checklist click here to download and print out!

I hope this helps you all keep your life GorJess💋✌🏼

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