DIY Cypress Night Stand

Obsessing over this weekend project. I have the vision and somehow my parents bring it to life. They always manage to surpass my expectations. (I take sole responsibility in keeping their marriage alive with a little unannounced project requiring team work). The cypress was free and from our warehouse. We began by sanding off all of the old white lead paint that was covering the raw, natural wood. Then, we built the frame, top and concluded with the drawers (those were a doozie). It is always fun to pick out the hardware. I knew I wanted something with a nice contrast in comparison to the list color of the wood. Next, we decided to enhance the beauty of this cypress and coat it with polycrylic sealer. Once we did this, this nightstand came to life. It was EXACTLY what I pictured in the beginning stages of this building process. Lastly, the styling (my favorite part). My style is simple. The entire purpose of this “new night stand” was to simplify the clutter I had in my old night stand. I styled it with a vintage glass lamp I found for $6 at Habitat for Humanity. Then, a nice (fake) magnolia in a copper cup. Lastly, a picture of me with my parents. I believe this nightstand compliments my antique headboard I scooped up for $120 at a garage sale (WINNING)! I’d say my room is officially “gorjess”!

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