Just A Girl Who Decided To GO FOR IT! 

I’ve spent about a year contemplating this step, BUT turning 24 gave me the push I truly needed. I’m not getting any younger, ya know!

Over time I have had umpteen people ask me, “Why don’t you start a blog?” (I’m a think it through-research all my options kind of girl aka…”baby steps”). I have many passions and goals, which I intend to cross off to do list. My hope is that “Hello GorJess” will be a resource to inspire you . My central focus of this space is lifestyle, home and inspiration.

Why these three things you may ask?

Well, for starters I have had a burning passion for home decor and interior design for as long as I can remember. Creativity fuels the best part of me and with interior design, I get to be creative in a way outside of my academic work space.

Lifestyle is simple for me. Over time I have come in tune with the person I have always wanted to be. This is fueled by my choice of a wholesome, positive lifestyle where diet, exercise and self-care are the center of my day.

Lastly, inspiration is the glue to my genetic makeup. Without the people in my life and most importantly God, what is my purpose? Raising a glass to this new chapter filled with positivity, inspiration, and creativity.

Stay “GorJess”, folks💋

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